Ceaseless Growth through the Synergy of ASO and ADs

♦ iOS data
♦ AOS data

114% I 173%

Increase in
Impression after ASO

236% I 144%

Increase in
Top 10 Keyword Ranking


At Least One Major Keyword on Both iOS and AOS

Point Income is an application, developed by Fivegate Inc., through which users can accumulate points when they purchase an item on their smartphones or sign-up for a service affiliated with Point Income, and they can use the points as though actual cash. The variety of channels where users can earn points has attracted many users. Yet its success story has been supported by well-arranged marketing strategies, and this case study will introduce how ASO establishes a solid foundation for the entire undertaking.

Select and Concentrate - MKO

After about a half year from its release, Point Income implemented ASO measures. For its meta keywords optimization (MKO), inefficient keywords were removed and positioned keywords to the left side of metadata, so they can be the first word users glance. Moreover, the efficient keywords’ density were increased to intensify their effect on the algorithms of app stores. Lastly, new keywords were added, and many of them soon ranked in Top 10. Overall, keyword rankings moved up the ladder by a significant percentage. Please refer to the tables below.

Keyword Rankings in iOS
Keyword Rankings in AOS

Choose the Best Outfit - CRO

Along with MKO, Point Income also changed its appearance through conversion rate optimization (CRO). It decided to add a new screenshot on its first lot. Before this change, the first screenshot promoted the app by that it is No.1 in various marketing surveys and with its user counts. The new screenshot, on the other hand, simply advertised point benefit users can obtain, assuming users who look for a point app prefers what they can earn rather than how good the app is.

Before CRO (Current 2nd Screenshot)

ResourcesPoint Income App Store

After CRO (Current 1st Screenshot)

ResourcesPoint Income App Store

The CRO has surely caused users to find more interest in the app. Along with the effect of MKO, CRO also contributed to the increase in Point Income’s impression. Same updates were made in both iOS and AOS, and the results are like as following graphs:

ASO's Benefit over a Long-term

ASO consulting with Point Income was a special experience, for it is not often to encounter an app developer who desires to implement ASO from before the app is released. With the knowledge that apps that are newly released have favor by the app stores’ algorithms, Point Income decided to undertake ASO. Starting this pre-release optimization, Point Income implemented a couple more optimization measures as discussed above. In addition, it relentlessly conducted promotion activities through various media. The combination of continuous effort in ASO and active promotion resulted in the gradual but certain growth of the app. Several keywords went up to the top even though their start was not so good, while the app’s impression has continued to draw an ascending line.  

Slowly But Surely Going to the Top

The app’s major keywords were selected through market research. Yet even though the keywords were carefully selected, their initial rankings were not very high. Point Income’s case was not so different. However, its continuous effort in optimization and various promotion activities, resulted in having keywords ranked at the Top. A major keyword started below 30 on both iOS and AOS, it was able to reach the Top 1 on AOS and to the Top 3 on iOS six months after its release. 

Graudual Growth in Impression

The continual theme in ASO is that it should be done over and over again. It is not something one can move on and never care about again after undertaking it once. Another theme is that ASO is not a cure-all for app marketing; it is an essential key to success, but it still needs supports from advertisements. Point Income’s case demonstrates that the harmonious flow of ASO and promotion activities result in gradual but certain growth. The peaks on the graphs show the result of promotion activities, while the red lines represent the overal growth of the app in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 


The case of Point Income is valuable in the sense that it shows the effect of ASO from the release of an app to the current time. Yet it demonstrates not only what ASO can do on its own but also how ASO and advertising interact with each other to result in the growth of an app. Try not to think a single ASO implementation or any other single advertisement measure can make a big fortune in one swoop. Various measures have to come together to be a concrete strategy.   

  • Released: 2021. 10. 08
  • Located: Tokyo, Japan
  • Services: Provides links to various channels through which users can accumulate their points so they can make their spending and point collecting more effective. 
  • Project Period: 2021 ~ Current

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